Profession: MC
Label: Fashion // Jahtari // Maffi
Sound: formerly known from Saxon Sound (UK)
Location: London // UK


Asher Senator (b. Peter St Aubyn) grew up in Clapham, South London. He started deejaying at the age of 14 at house parties and then on the Buchanan Sound System along with his sparring partner Smiley Culture. Together they went on to deejay on sounds such as Black Harmony and Frontline before joining Coxsone Outernational and most famously Saxon Studio International in the early to mid 80’s. …continue reading

Killah Tape EP Maffi front
Asher Senator – Asher Senator
out on the Killah Tape EP by Maffi / Jahtari
Asher Senator – Mayhemout
out on Naram – March Of The Gremlins 2LP by Jahtari

Asher Senator Abbrevation QualificationAsher Senator Born To Chat






Asher Senator & Johnny Ringo MC clash UK to JAAsher Senator The Big Match






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Videos links old & new

Smiley Culture & Asher Senator – Keeping A Dance (live)

Asher Senator & Peter King lgs. Jahtari – Telerama Dub Festival 12 (FR) – Montpellier nov. 8th 2014

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