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Peter_King_1 Profession: MC
Label:  Fashion // Jahtari // Maffi
Sound: formerly known from Saxon Sound (UK)
Location: London // UK

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Peter King started off MCing in 1981 as a 19 year old youth at the legendary UK soundsystem Saxon. In those early days he was sparring with the Saxon MC Papa Levy and one of Peter’s first tunes was ‘Ganja Business A Money Business’. Peter’s device was that lyrics, instead of just being endless but Continue reading

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#Peter King By Ray Hurford, Colin Moore and Eric Skanks (All Rights Reserved)

“Who inspired me? I used to like General Echo a lot, a helluva lot, Cause I liked the way he would chat a rhythm-comfortable and make you laugh. At the time slackness was kicking up dances, but he used to do other lyrics as well ‘Soldier Take Over’ all them kinda of things. A whole heap of lyrics, it was him who inspired me a lot. Then after him it was Nicodemus…continue reading

#Peter King Talks To Sarah C of Vibes FM

about his musical history with Saxon Sound and originating the fast style. watch the video here