Profession: Soundman + Producer
Label: Jahtari // Colonel Mustard`s
Sound: Echo Chamber
Location: Melbourne // AUS
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Originally from Wellington’s notorious K-hole region, Naram is a reggae fanatic with a penchant for vintage synthesisers, cheesy 80s horror films, Test Match Cricket and dal makanis. Continue reading

Videos // Naram

Naram plays Daddy Freddy at Reggae Camp Festival Hungary 2014

Naram & Art Official (Soundcheck and Live session) Strasbourg sept. 12th 2014

Naram & Art Official (Soundcheck) Freiburg @ White Rabbit sept. 13th 2014

New releases from Colonel Mustard’s / Jahtari! OUT NOW

Junior Cat – See Di Bobo Dread /
Reverend Danny Dread – Chatty Mouth Defeat (Colonel Mustard’s 7″)

The next round of Colonel Mustard’s grenades are ready to be launched, with two veteran raggamuffin deejays riding military-grade riddims developed by Naram and disrupt.

First up, original Wild Apache legend Junior Cat unleashes a rapid-fire lyrical assault on those who fail to respect the foundations and culture of real dancehall music. “See Di Bobo Dread” shows the cat is still in fine form, riding the depth-charger bassline of Naram’s Feline riddim with gruff finesse.

The second 7” sees the mysterious Reverend Danny Dread descend from the mist-shrouded hills of the Jamaican hinterland to deliver a sermon to all dibby dibby soundbwoys who run their mouths. Originally cut as a dubplate on a riddim engineered from the DNA of an obscure early 90s Jammys cut, “Chatty Mouth Defeat” makes it clear it’s not wise to ramp with the Colonel.

As per usual, both these 7”s are strictly limited pressing that have been fine-tuned to test the bass bins of even the heaviest of soundsytems, so don’t sit on these!



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Junior Cat – See Di Bobo Dread

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Reverend Danny Dread – Chatty Mouth Defeat

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Check out the new label COLONEL MUSTARD’s and it’s first 2 releases

Colonel Mustard's logo

Jahtari and Naram and the mysterious gentleman named Colonel Mustard are launching a new 7″-sublabel specializing in killer relicks and deadly original riddims, directly inspired by ruffneck 1980s dancehall. The riddims are finding their way to some of the wickedest artists from dancehall’s golden era – as well as brand new talents to carry on the style and fashion. Watch the ride and don’t test, because the Colonel is stockpiling serious ammunition!

The first two 7″s are seeing Daddy Freddy on a relick of the Bad Bwoy Wadat riddim, and a soundkilling anthem by Face & Sheenyboo (out of Asher Senator’s Code 7 yard in Brixton) on a fresh Naram cut.

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Daddy Freddy – Long Way (7″ vinyl)
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Face & Sheenyboo – Dangerous (7″ vinyl)
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