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Naram talks to Disrupt, founder of Leipzig-based label, Jahtari, who is set to reach Australasian shores this March.

First off, for those Kiwis unfamiliar with your music, can you please explain what exactly Jahtari is? 

At heart we’re a Reggae and Dub label, but the mission is to make it work with new sounds that are not usually used in Reggae, like 8-bit aesthetics, wonky drum machine beats or Detroit techno kinda strings and pads. It’s basically roots music, it’s just that our roots aren’t in a Kingston ghetto but in a more run down urban industrial place in the 80s and 90s. …continue reading

#Jahtari Label Feature (Interview)

The Jahtari netlabel, established in 2004 by Jan Gleichmar is still in the ascendancy. The concept of netlabels has been floating around before, but nobody had done it as well as Jahtari with such a coherent outlook and music policy. Gleichmar – who is also releasing music under the moniker of Disrupt has formed an empire for digital dub lovers. Earlier this year he collaborated with two out of three memeber of King Midas Sound: Kevin Martin and Kiki Hitomi released their acclaimed Wonderland EP for their side-project Black Chow. Time to speak to Jan, how things are right now in Leipzig, why The KLF helped Jahtari in terms of graphic design and how King Midas Sound took over Jahtari. …continue reading

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“We try to use different sound aesthetics than the classics, something that doesn’t come from the reggae tradition, and see what happens”

German label Jahtari and its founders Disrupt and Rootah have taken the 80’s digital reggae craze to a new level. They’re not only inspired by reggae from that era, but also by classic video and computer games made for sets such as Nintendo and Atari. United Reggae got a chat with Disrupt about his influences, the importance of technology and his all-time favorite video game. …continue reading

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New releases from Colonel Mustard’s / Jahtari! OUT NOW

Junior Cat – See Di Bobo Dread /
Reverend Danny Dread – Chatty Mouth Defeat (Colonel Mustard’s 7″)

The next round of Colonel Mustard’s grenades are ready to be launched, with two veteran raggamuffin deejays riding military-grade riddims developed by Naram and disrupt.

First up, original Wild Apache legend Junior Cat unleashes a rapid-fire lyrical assault on those who fail to respect the foundations and culture of real dancehall music. “See Di Bobo Dread” shows the cat is still in fine form, riding the depth-charger bassline of Naram’s Feline riddim with gruff finesse.

The second 7” sees the mysterious Reverend Danny Dread descend from the mist-shrouded hills of the Jamaican hinterland to deliver a sermon to all dibby dibby soundbwoys who run their mouths. Originally cut as a dubplate on a riddim engineered from the DNA of an obscure early 90s Jammys cut, “Chatty Mouth Defeat” makes it clear it’s not wise to ramp with the Colonel.

As per usual, both these 7”s are strictly limited pressing that have been fine-tuned to test the bass bins of even the heaviest of soundsytems, so don’t sit on these!



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Junior Cat – See Di Bobo Dread

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Reverend Danny Dread – Chatty Mouth Defeat

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